Our cloud-based platform helps businesses deliver assurance about product authenticity and provenance to consumers while using the power of deep data analytics and algorithms to help combat food fraud.

Our cloud based serialisation, proof of provenance and authenticity solution helps food and beverage brand owners combat product fraud, engage with consumers and comply with regulatory requirements. Trust Codes® provides a digital fingerprint for each and every product.

Our global cloud is designed to respond to billions of requests and provide information to consumers when and where they want it.

Our advanced algorithms and cryptography provide excellent protection against counterfeiters. Our algorithms identify suspicious activity to make it much harder for counterfeiters to sell fake product, and help arm consumers in the battle against product fraud.

Trust Codes® has solutions to integrate with production systems to print and/or apply Trust Codes® (as QR codes or NFC) to products.

Our consumer engagement solutions and anti-counterfeit technology goes as far as reverse image search and content protection technology to catch fraudsters and assure customers that product is both authentic and safe.

Consumers want transparency about their food, beverage and consumer goods, our solution assures them about authenticity and also satisfies the consumer’s demand for information about when and where the product was grown, made or extracted.

Trust Codes® is suitable for every size and kind of business. Our customers in consumer electronics, honey, dairy, infant milk formula, beverage and meat sectors build trust with their consumers all over the world. We have solutions to integrate with manufacturing systems and logistics solutions as well as an API to simply integrate with 3rd party solutions.

Matrex®, our Blockchain solution, adds additional supply chain integrity — especially helpful when working within informal supply chains in countries where consumers are wise to provenance and authenticity concerns. Matrex® helps provide an end to end traceability record in an inherently auditable, unchangeable and secure way.

Our customised user interfaces are multi-language out of the box and include clever solutions to help identify and combat counterfeit and copycat activity.


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