The simplest way to prove your products Trust Codes shares your product history and provenance with your customers – in just seconds. No app to download, no training required. Your customers will love you for it.

Mass serialisation delivered

Our best in class software serialises unique codes for food and beverage products. Trust Codes let consumers instantly check that a product is authentic and safe, and our cloud-based platform can handle many millions of scans across the globe.

  • Our codes are created with a cryptographically-random generator
  • They are short, allowing QR codes to be legible at small sizes
  • We store product data in our platform, not in the code – and can update it at any time
  • The unique codes allow product authentication, in-market intelligence and grey market tracking, and facilitiate recalls
  • The serialised packaging helps protect the company and directors if a recall is required

Build trust

Using our Trust Codes system to engage with consumers encourages consumer trust in your brand and tells your story of provenance and care. Consumer confidence shouldn’t be outsourced.

  • The Trust Codes platform allows brands to prove their product authenticity and share critical product information directly with their customers
  • Keep your own branding, designs and messages
  • Share whatever information you wish — provenance, nutritional information, production data, food matches, tasting notes, other product information, recipes, videos and more
  • Your customers know they can check their product at any time, at retail or at home

Brilliant analytics

Our powerful big-data platform helps track where your products are, who is scanning them, and to identify and combat fraud.

  • Locate consumers by GPS location and IP address
  • Identify grey market traffic
  • Receive early warnings if we notice unusual activity
  • View your scan data on a map, as lists, or download in spreadsheet format
  • Filter, search and cross-reference your data
  • Use our powerful API to create and activate codes, dowload data, or update products


The Trust Codes counterfeit and fraud algorithm helps identify and subdue fraud to protect your consumers and your brand.

  • Our algorithm calculates the possibility of counterfeiting by comparing key features such as the location, time, device, and scan history
  • Likely false positives are identified and removed
  • Thresholds can be adjusted for products and batches
  • Our algorithm can be tweaked for different products and markets

Scale at cloud speed

Our platform is designed to mass-generate millions of codes upon request, and track consumer scans in real-time. Whether you’re selling bespoke or bulk, you can be confident our platform will grow with you.

  • The Trust Codes platform is hosted at Amazon Web Services
  • Our platform scales automatically to handle load spikes.
  • Our system architecture also handles system failures by keeping computing resources in reserve.
  • Trust Codes can be deployed in standalone instances for customers with specialised auditing or scaling requirements, or who wish to be hosted in a specific location.
  • An SLA is available

Kick confusion to the curb

A recall is every brand’s nightmare – even if it’s somebody else’s recall. With Trust Codes, consumers can be instantly informed whether the product they hold is safe, removing confusion and building trust. Don’t let someone else’s recall ruin your market.

  • Recalls can cause massive fear and confusion, and consumers will avoid anything they're not certain about
  • Trust Codes gives consumers a definitive answer on whether your product is affected by recall: no confusion, just clarity and confidence.
  • Research shows that brands that handle a recall proactively and transparently can actually improve their brand perception
  • One company’s recall can affect entire industries or nations. Trust Codes transforms this risk into an opportunity

Who we are

Trust Codes’ founders have deep experience in food safety, branding, technology, and product labelling and packaging. We understand the importance of brand protection and consumer confidence, and believe that trusted brands need to communicate their authenticity and provenance directly to their customers.

Our platform is suitable for all products where authenticity and safety is a concern.

Trust Codes also works directly with packaging suppliers worldwide. We can work with your packaging supplier to provide a single point of contact and a simple implementation plan.

We’ve already delivered in scale. Now let us deliver to you

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