Today’s connected consumers are looking for the truth when it comes to products they consume or use in or on their bodies. Consumer and regulator demand for transparency is one of the great strategic imperatives of our time.

Trust Codes® is a powerful cloud based platform which creates a unique digital identity for every product/item to make it traceable. Our technology goes beyond ‘mass-serialisation’ because each and every cryptographic identity is web addressable to create a persistent and traceable item level digital fingerprint.

With this consumer accessible digital item identity, Trust Codes® helps food and beverage brand owners combat product fraud, engage with consumers and comply with regulatory requirements.

Trust Codes®’ novel use of cryptographically unique codes to identify each and every item/consumer good and optional blockchain technology integration provides a transparency platform for food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical brands, leveraging the power of mathematics and algorithms to deter and catch criminals & counterfeiters. With Trust Codes®, no downloaded app is required to engage openly with consumers.

At the same time as demanding trust, consumers are expanding their sources of product in what is called the ‘new retail’ environment. Trust is a necessary factor in market making because consumers are searching for the terra firma of truth. By simply adding the Trust Codes® digital identity, brands enjoy a dramatic improvement in traceability and transparency with consumers.


Our combination of a scaled global cloud platform, unique product marking using our cryptographic technology, RESTful APIs and our in-premise production integration (optionally coupled with blockchain/distributed ledger technology (DLT)) and our machine learning algorithmic technology provide solutions to address the trust challenges, while making it extremely hard to counterfeit products in market. Unique product identification means consumers can verify that certificates, credence claims, shipment records, and product distribution are all as expected.

Our customers can choose any identification technology (although most remain using QR codes for now, based on ubiquity and accessibility for consumers). We have experience across the spectrum of technologies, from barcodes to 2D codes, NFC and proprietary marking methods.

Our in-production integration solutions integrate with any MES/MRP/ERP solution and almost any printing or marking system. Your local representative can discuss these options with you.

Trust Codes®’ cloud platform is a comprehensive solution:

  • - Our algorithms analyse all data flows and calculate the probability of fraud
  • - Our proactive detection helps weed out attempts to copycat your brand identity online and deters counterfeit/copycat activity
  • - Our User Experience (UX) requires no downloaded application yet provides advanced functionality including Augmented Reality- consumers can engage via any means they choose to
  • - Our global cloud platform is massively scaled to cope with any demand, including spikes in demand for billions of Trust Codes® in the market
  • - Our security operations are world leading

The fusion of blockchain and machine learning/AI technologies enables Trust Codes® to provide excellent transaction speed, superior accessibility via APIs, blockchain ledger neutrality, enhanced security against malicious attacks, and highly flexible operations.


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